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Fun Factory VIM Rumbly Rechargeable Body Wand Massager Sunrise Orange

Fun Factory VIM Rumbly Rechargeable Body Wand Massager Sunrise Orange

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Fun Factory VIM Rumbly Rechargeable Body Wand Massager Sunrise Orange - All you really really wand

  • The most powerful toy FUN FACTORY ever made
  • Unique weighted motor pleases at every speed
  • Wide range of settings, from gentle to strong
  • Vibration stays in the head, not the handle
  • Slightly flexible neck for comfort in any position
  • 32% lighter & 50% quieter than the leading wand


Why are wands still popular? Aren’t they kind of ’70s?
Wands have stayed popular for decades because of their unrivaled versatility and ease of use—they’re FUN for anyone, on any external body part. They’re also approachable enough for toy newbies and adaptable enough for couples and groups.

All that said, VIM isn’t your grandma’s “back massager.” The technology behind this toy is totally new, from its weighted motor to its quiet operation to its customizable vibrations.

I already have a wand. Should I still get VIM?
You should! The toy’s thudding vibration is unique and travels below the surface for deeper pleasure. Satisfy yourself with its ultra-strong settings and programs, which offer hard-and-fast stimulation.

I never liked wands. Would I like VIM?
You just might! Sensitive players will appreciate the wand’s lower settings, with a trembling vibration that’s actually arousing, not irritating or overwhelming.

How do the customizable vibrations work?
Just hold down [-] to gradually decrease the intensity, or hold [+] to increase it to your liking. You won’t be disappointed by the toy’s strength—VIM’s motor is our most powerful!

Is this toy just for clits?
VIM is great for clitoral stimulation, but it’s not only for that. Lots of people with prostates like pressing the wand against the perineum for indirect P-spot stimulation. You can also use it to spoil the corona of the penis, or to caress the balls during a blowjob. It’s also a nice way of warming up the whole body. Use it on your neck, shoulders, lower back, or anywhere else that deserves some love.

And it’s quiet?
It’s the quietest! In fact, VIM is 50% quieter than the leading wand, for maximum pleasure with minimum noise.

RIDE IT DURING SOLO PLAY - Set VIM against a pillow and straddle it. Dip and swivel your hips any way that feels good. Remember to use water-based lube for maximum comfort!

HOLD IT AGAINST THE BASE OF ANOTHER TOY - Rest VIM’s head against the base of a dildo or butt plug to let the wand’s vibrations travel deeper inside you.

HAVE A BLENDED O ANYTIME - During penetration, hold VIM against your clit or perineum to stimulate more hot spots for a bigger finish.

MORE CUSTOMIZATION AND BETTER VIBRATIONS - Sure, wands are a classic toy type, but you’ve never felt a wand like VIM before. Most wands deliver pure power and nothing else. On their low settings, they’re buzzy or irritating. VIM has an industry-first weighted motor that delivers rumbly vibration at any speed, including the gentlest.

VIM also has a wider range of vibrations than other toys, too, so you can luxuriate in its heavy quaking at any point in your play, from warmup to orgasm to cool-down. Customize any setting or program by holding the [+] or [-] buttons to find the perfect vibe for the way you play.

Key Features:

  • Fun Factory VIM Rumbly Rechargeable Body Wand Massager
  • Color - Sunrise Orange Vibrating Wand
  • 5 powerful speeds & 3 patterns
  • USB Rechargeable (with charging level indicator), includes USB cord
  • Charging time - 4,5 hours initial charge
  • Water-Resistant for cleaning purposes
  • Materials - 100% medical grade silicone, non-porous and hypoallergenic
  • Made in Germany

SPECIFICATIONS: 31,3 cm and Ø 6 cm (head), Weight - 430g

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INTIMATE HYGIENE & CARE:A few drops of lubricant ensure a pleasant feeling when inserting the toy. Adult Superstores Rockdale recommends a good water based lubricant, for slippery and sensual fun.

Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use with warm water.Then spray sex toy cleaner, specially suited for cleaning erotic toys as well as for gently washing genital areas.

This toy can be used anally... Use a good Douche for keeping your tushy hygienic. 

The anus and rectum do not have an automatic lubricating system like the vagina, so use plenty of water based anal lubricant such as pjur Back Door Comfort Water Anal Glide Lubricant

Only use water-based lubricant.

NOTE: The use of silicone-based lubricants, oils, and creams (suntan lotion or sunscreen, lip care products, essential oils, coconut oil, and edible oils of all types) can cause irreversible damage to the control unit and the entire toy. Please DO NOT use any of the products listed above in combination with a FUN FACTORY toy. The use of any of these products with your toy will ruin it and void your 2 year manufacturer warranty.

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